De Ansichtenclub
Ansichten Club

2015 – now

Collective collection of postcards and several publications

The Ansichten Club researches the postcard and its function, aesthetic values, its history and future.

What started as an idea for a project, ended up as a club. Together we collect, archive, discuss and research the postcard. We continuously work on publications to document and share our findings and reasearch.

The Ansichten club consists of image researcher Elki Boerdam, visual anthropologist Jip van Steenis and myself.

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Licence To Travel

Licence to Travel

Ansichtenseries 007
Set of 10 postcards

This set of 10 cards is a re-edition of cards from our archive. Zooming in on our cards we found a mysterious protagonist, almost unnoticed, traveling the world.
Chronologically this should have been Ansichtenseries 002, but we couldn't withstand the temptation to call it series 007. :-)

This edition is available via our tumblr and via the Stedelijk Museum bookshop. If you are interested you can also just send me a mail.

Prettige Feestdagen

Prettige Feestdagen

Ansichtenseries 001

For our holiday greeting card we were inspired by a set of cuisine postcards. This is our Dutch version, presenting the most popular of Dutch holiday traditions: Gourmet.

We arranged an Ansichten Club Gourmet dinner and shot our holiday greeting card to send to all our Ansichten Club contacts. Thanks to Anne-Laure Ruffin for the vintage photo-editing.

This edition was send to our personal contacts as a holiday greeting.


– club emblem


– starting collection after our first meeting


– first meeting back in 2015


– the so far only and most uncharming club photo in Betondorp