There Is No Aphrodisiac Like Innocence
Polarlicht 2011

2011 – 2013

DVD zine


Aphrodisiac is a collection of Youtube videos, selected for their visual beauty. It is a self-initiated project by Polarlicht (Polarlicht = Elki Boerdam + me).

The project started with a short Youtube video. A man in a very tight green suit is taking an awkward bath in a hidden lake. It was a zentai-suit fetish video. Apart from the curious things that might arouse the human, we were not really interested in the fetish itself.

What struck us was the beauty of the image; the practical settings he choose, the materials, lighting and sound. Most striking was the esthetical innocence of these amateur filmmakers. In relation to the ‘guilty’ content of these videos, this innocence works very intriguing.

We selected some different videos for the DVD as for the webzine. All videos are found on Youtube, listed by their original titles. These are the titles of the webzine: