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Polarlicht Calendar 2013


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365 repeat patterns

In the end of 2012 Polarlicht (Elki Boerdam + me) got around the table for a new project. As Polarlicht we work on mostly image based projects and we mostly work with found footage. The first idea for our new project was to make a new years greeting, but it soon evolved into something more complicated and fun than that. Something to enjoy over the entire year of 2013.

Online Calendar

We started building an online calendar. A webpage that simply tells you the date and the time it takes until it will be tomorrow. As a background image for the page there would be a pattern. A pattern built up out of our own Polarlicht image archive.

Evolving Patterns

For each month we created a background pattern. Well, we created about 30 background images; every day we added a new element. So at the end of each month each pattern was completed. But as the progress of the pattern was not bad either, you could say we created 365 patterns over all. It has been good entertainment along the way. Both for us as for the people viewing. Process = the product.

Here are a few of the patterns of 2013:

Polarlicht Calendar 2013 Polarlicht Calendar 2013 Polarlicht Calendar 2013 Polarlicht Calendar 2013