Poster Machine #2: The Call Center
The Call Center



Make a poster machine

During another workshop week with Roel Wouters and Jonathan Puckey at the Rietveld Academie we were asked to make a poster machines. It either had to consist of a mechanical construction, a set of rules or a game. I was working together with Julia Bendeler and Elki Boerdam. We didn't want to spend our time programming this week so we looked for a participation driven tool.

Call Center

We placed each poster under a webcam that filmed and streamed it live. Via social media we invited people to tune in to our videostream. On the poster we placed 5 cellphones with a little paint vehicle. By calling a phone, the participant would cause it to vibrate over the poster, leaving a trace of ink.

Funny enough it caught on and we made many posters with the help of many many phonecalls. It had a kind of addicting effect to finish the circle you were making or to drive another phone from the poster.

We later also executed it for VPRO dorst and at Magneet Festival in Amsterdam.