Dear Madeira,
Dear Madeira, Homepage


Residency at Pedra Sina, Funchal, PT.


Four bulletins,
420 × 279 mm,
editions of 300.

Four open studio meetings.

Photoseries ‘Manic Botanic’ for Vice magazine.

For this collaborative photography project, I worked together with photographers Bridget Collins (USA) and Kate Kornberg (USA), graphic designer Karoline Swiezynski (DE), and project initiator Margot Holtman. Through our individual lenses, we explored Madeira as an exuberant botanic island.

We worked collaboratively to create the photo-series ‘Manic Botanic’. Apart from the initial botanical focus, the project also emphasized the collaboration itself, as this was our first time working with one another, and put into perspective the aesthetic that emerges in a collaboration between women. Instead of following a working structure or concept, we approached the realization of the project in an experimental and intuitive way. Through the use of open studio meetings, publishing bulletins, and a project website, we aimed to make ours an inclusive and open project.

Dear Madeira, website design


Although we were about to leave for a month on an island, we wanted to do anything else but isolate ourselves. Karoline and me made a website to track our project on. Each participant got their own column and could upload pictures and a small description from day to day. This way we built a collective mountain of pictures.

One of the most fun websites I've made so far. I would suggest you to take some time and check it out:


Apart from connecting to the internet, we also wanted to connect to the local community. We got sponsored by the local offset printer and were able to print a weekly bulletin. The images were connected to the feed on our website.

Open Studio Dear Madeira

Open Studio's

At the end of each week we opened the studio at the residency for people to drop by and have a look at what we were doing. The bulletins were there for take away.
Manic Botanic for Vice Magazine

– Manic Botanic in VICE

Manic Botanic

We did some work on our own, but also one collective photography project. For a week we drove over the island, looking for nice spots to shoot pictures. The island is pretty small, but with some great height differences. The climate is so steady, it is refered to as 'eternal spring'. Therefore the perfect place for a huge variety of flowers to bloom. We worked a lot with that.

The series was published as 'Manic Botanic' in the VICE international photoissue of 2013.