Belgian Curtains
Residency at Frans Masereel Centrum


Residency at Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee BE

Booklet, 230 × 170mm, edition of 1.

Three different posters, 920 × 600 mm, edition of 15.

The lookbook project for Melissa Siegrist inspired me to explore the reverse approach to that project; trying to compose a single image from several individual photographs.

A starting point for this work was the image you see when you see your reflection in a window. I was interested in the image of different elements blending together: foreground, subject, and background. These individual images blending into one pane.

In the four weeks of my residency, I began by experimenting with pinhole photography, creating a series of photographs with strange characteristics, warped and blurred depictions, and interesting ‘failures’.

In the second phase of this project, I printed small images on a test sheet, enabling me to experiment with layers, inks, and transparency. In my work I always want to conclude a project or research phase with the creation of a tactile, graspable object, so I bound the test sheets together into a small booklet for my own printing reference.

In the final phase, I chose four pinhole photographs and used them to compose three final posters. Although the posters use the same screens, the difference in layering and the transparency of the inks makes them unique.

Homemade pinhole camera's

– The beauties of pinhole camera's

First pinhole picture

– First result with the pinhole camera

Residency at Frans Masereel Centrum

– My screen in the exposure unit