GET LOST - art route
GET LOST - art route


Catalogue, 150 × 200 mm, edition of 2000.

Posters, 841 × 594 mm, edition of 200.


This is a visual identity for a new art route aiming to connect the business world to the art world. On the art route all artworks were directly financed by corporations that are residing in the area of the route: the Amsterdam Zuidas.

For the visual identity I wanted to play with the tension between business and art. I divided the promotional information that I was given from the promotional image and used the AEX index (the amsterdam stock exchange) graph to decide how much of each to show. The higher the results of the AEX were, the more information would be visible, the lower, the more terrain the image gained. This design principle was used in all communication of the festival. On the website this gave another layer to the program page by visualizing the timespan of the art route and it’s scheduled events. Every day a new value of the AEX was added and a stripe of image revealed. In this case it made the time of the event tangible.

In collaboration with photographer Kyle Tryhorn and developer Gilles Wittenberg.

GET LOST - art route

– Poster design