Home Alone
Home Alone 2015



Home Alone is a new residency program in Amsterdam, organized by artists Tirza Kater and Marek van de Watering. The residency can take place in different locations. For this first edition the residency took place in de Vondelstraat, in a beautiful old house. The three residents had the opportunity to each reside there for a week and host an event at the end.

Elki Boerdam (Elki + me = Polarlicht) made the (short notice) website. As the house was small, and the events could only host a limited amount of guests, we aimed for creating an open site, where the events could be accessible to those who weren't there.

The home page had a video background, of some very slow movies we shot at the house.
For the documentation of the events we invited Jip van Steenis, who at that moment just graduated in cultural antropology. She attended the events with us and wrote timestamped fieldnotes while observing the event unfold. Applying the same method as Jip (but in snapshots), Elki and me also captured moments, details and random registrations in snapshots.
Both observations were made from a personal perspective and matched up afterwards by their timestamps. The space between the two observations — that occurs especially when the observations are out of sync — create a space for interpretation. For the visitor who couldn't attend the event, to take place in.

It was a fun and satisfying project to work on, and i'm looking forward to take our angle further for a second edition...soon. Home Alone 2015

– Documentation of the event by Lola Bezemer

Home Alone 2015

– Documentation of the event by Lotte Boon & Petros Panagiotis Orfanos

Home Alone 2015

– Homepage video for the first resident

Home Alone 2015

– Homepage video for the second resident

Home Alone 2015

– Homepagevideo for the third resident

Home Alone 2015

– Jip van Steenis writing fieldnotes during Elke Baggen's event