Melissa Siegrist
Logo Melissa Siegrist

2011 – 2013

180 × 245 mm,
edition of 50.




For the Resort ‘12 collection of menswear designer Melissa Siegrist, I wanted to approach the lookbook conceptualization by showing the entire collection within one photograph. I worked in collaboration with photographer Anna de Jong to create this complex photograph.

My intention was to use the entirety of the physical space and translate it into a single 2D image. Working with several mirrors, we were able to include all the items in a single frame. The book shows a sequence of different zooms from this image; starting with a close up and slowly zooming out.

Each zoom frames a connection within elements of the collection; form, material, colour, or detail.

Pictures by Anna de Jong

– A selection of crops from the lookbook


Later on Melissa asked me also asked me to design her a logo. Melissa draws inspiration from sportswear. Her collections are characterized by a playful mix of male and female influences. She has a great eye for materials and details.

Like her collections, I aimed for a young, simple and modern design. Try pronouncing 'Melissa Siegrist' and hear the slissing effect that her name has. I wanted to play with that, and emphasized all those S'es. The S'es in the logo are simplified variations on a calligraphic capital S.


And of course a website was needed as well. Just like the other communication and her logo, the website was made simple and straight foward. For each collection it's own page showing images from the show, the photoshoot and more.