Wishlist Wrappingpaper
Polarlicht Wishlist Wrappingpaper


Wrapping Paper
575 x 418 mm,
in an edition of 3000.

For the holiday season Subbacultcha invited Polarlicht (Elki Boerdam + me) to create a wrapping paper design for their wrapping-paper-project. In line with most of Polarlicht projects we had a hands-on and intuitive approach. For the design we used the clippings from our christmas wishlist to compose a repeat pattern. The shape of the clippings, the backgrounds, and cast shadows give away small hints of the objects in the original images.

It was printed on newsprint and compiled with the work of the other participants of the project. It was distributed to all Subbacultcha members and a few stores in Amsterdam wrapped their christmas gifts in it, such as the Stedelijk Museum Shop and Ace and Tate.

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